Updated information.

The 39th Edition of Find That Rose covering the current season publication has been delayed and will be published in the New Year. This site will still prove useful as a  majority of the varieties listed with growers will be the same  However; for instance, both David Austin and Peter Beales who in the past had a wide selection of the old shrub and specie roses have, this season cut out quite a number. There are also a vast number of new varieties, (include a lot with male Christian names) so if you have heard of a new variety  and are  trying to find a supplier then please use the contact form and I will do what I can to help you.  This will also include the Rose of The Year 2022 ‘ It’s A Wonderful Life ‘ (available now)  so if you can’t find a supplier then please again use the form

Do also remember that just because a name of a rose comes up on the internet it doesn’t necessarily mean it is in commerce in the U.K.

Angela Pawsey (Editor)

The 38th Edition of Find That Rose is now here. Sorry for those who have ordered or enquired about the 38th Edition of Find That Rose the booklet which this site is based on you should be getting your copy within the next couple of weeks. The site is now up dated with the variety, and growers section. We have also added a section on roses for Special person or event, which is just one of the tit-bits from the printed book., which covers Autumn 2020 to Summer 2021. Like everything Find That Rose  has been subject to problems thrown up by Covid-19. The cover illustration  will be of The Rose of  Year for 2021 “Belle de Jour”  Please support Find That Rose by purchasing a copy of the book. If you wish to order a copy you can use use the coupon on this site, for £4.80.


Introduction to the 38th Edition of Find That Rose website.

The original domain for this site was www.findthatrose.net.  Using www.findthatrose.co.uk is better as it identifies where this site is based.

This website is based on the variety and nursery section of the Annual produced book Find That Rose.  Yes the book is 38 years old and the original “ U.K plant finding book”  Yes this website concentrates on  essential part of the book,  how to find a particular variety supplied in the United Kingdom.  The book is given an Annual update to reflect a particular period  of production and sales. In this case Autumn  2020 to Spring  2021. .

Every effort is made to be as accurate as possible and is produced with the complete support of those growers and outlets featured.  Other rose finding sites in many cases just indicate the name of a variety and little else.  Many varieties cease to be produced each season as new varieties  take their place. Some sites give names of varieties no longer in production and many are not U.K. based.

The book itself, which has other interesting bits and pieces and hints  can be purchased at a very modest price see the details on the site.  This site is free to use but the sales of the book itself is the main source to help towards the costs which are very difficult to meet.  So if you have found help here then purchasing the book would be greatly appreciated.

Angela Pawsey –Editor

The Book Find That Rose is designed to:

Help you find the rose of your choice
To help you contact specialist Rose Growers and suppliers
Discover who supplies roses mail order including containerised plants.
Advise you which rose growers export
Help retailers and local authorities find a wholesale grower

Details of the 38th Edition of Find That Rose…. the book:

Listing approx.  3,750 varieties available in the UK Approximately 138 new varieties listed in the 38th Edition.

34 growers/suppliers featured.

Dates of Variety Introductions; type; colour and fragrance codes.
Help in tracing a variety with a particular Christian name, or one for a special event.
Details on where you can see roses in bloom during summer.

Some articles down “Memory Lane” and What’s In A Name which include varieties raising money for Charities
All this and a Rose Discount voucher towards purchases of roses from select members.

To get the full pictures… i.e. the Book; Find That Rose see request a Brochure

Also available is a download, see order coupon

Enjoy our 38th edition of Find That Rose!

Rose of The Year Belle de Jour