Updated information.  APRIL 2024

We are now at the end of the  bare-root season (depending where you live) so you may still have time to purchase and plant Bare-root roses which are also cheaper than containerised roses. However most growers/suppliers will be moving into the container/containerised season. These will in general be more expensive and more costly to send but will like the bare-root roses give you plenty of bloom this summer.  Also do take particular care to follow the instructions on how to plant them as it is essential that the soil does not come away from the roots.   Please give British growers/suppliers a boost by purchasing from those listed on this website.

Unfortunately this site is not as up to date as I would wish .  It is at present based on the 38th Edition of Find That Rose covering season Autumn 2020-Summer 2021.  However please note the up-to-date information below.


The variety section of the 39th Edition which would have covered Autumn 2022-Summer 2023 was assembled but not published, Also all contributors have now been circulated to invite them to submit their latest information to cover Autumn 2022-Summer 2023. This information will be included on the website as received. Equally if you cannot find the information you need on the site, then please do use the contact form to submit your question.


This site will still prove useful as a  majority of the varieties listed with growers will be the same . There are also a vast number of new varieties, (include a lot with male Christian names) so if you have heard of a new variety  which is not listed and are  trying to find a supplier then please use the contact form and I will do what I can to help you.  I have updated the site to  include the Rose of The Year 2022 ‘ It’s A Wonderful Life ‘  ‘Peach Melba ‘ Rose of The Year for 2023 and brand new ‘Meteor’ Rose of The Year for 2024. so if you can’t find a supplier then please again use the form

Do also remember that just because a name of a rose comes up on the internet it doesn’t necessarily mean it is in commerce in the U.K.

Angela Pawsey (Editor)

UPDATING FOR AUTUMN 2024-SUMMER 2025.  If you already feature on the Find That Rose website now is the time to send me your up date to your varieties and any corrections to your Grower information. If however you are a grower/supplier and can supply a ‘proper’ list of varieties which have been grown in the U.K and would like to be included, please use CONTACT FORM to ask for further information.


This site is at present based on the 38th Edition of Find That Rose (Autumn 2020-Summer 2022 with certain updates and alterations where known.

The original domain for this site was www.findthatrose.net.  Using www.findthatrose.co.uk is better as it identifies where this site is based.

This  website concentrates on  essential part of the book,  how to find a particular variety supplied in the United Kingdom.  The book is given an Annual update to reflect a particular period  of production and sales. In this case Autumn  2020 to Spring  2021. As above efforts are being made to update to give information for 2023-2024 season.

Every effort is made to be as accurate as possible and is produced with the complete support of those growers and outlets featured.  Other rose finding sites in many cases just indicate the name of a variety and little else.  Many varieties cease to be produced each season as new varieties  take their place. Some sites give names of varieties no longer in production and many are not U.K. based.

I am not promoting the the book as this is now out of date, but will willingly try to help with any questions and to see if I can locate new varieties which have not been covered. Please use the Contact form. .

Angela Pawsey –Editor

The Book Find That Rose is designed to: However am not promoting the sales but this gives you an idea that the site is not the full picture!

Help you find the rose of your choice
To help you contact specialist Rose Growers and suppliers
Discover who supplies roses mail order including containerised plants.
Advise you which rose growers export
Help retailers and local authorities find a wholesale grower

Details of the 38th Edition of Find That Rose…. the book:

Listing approx.  3,750 varieties available in the UK Approximately 138 new varieties listed in the 38th Edition.

34 growers/suppliers featured.

Dates of Variety Introductions; type; colour and fragrance codes.
Help in tracing a variety with a particular Christian name, or one for a special event.
Details on where you can see roses in bloom during summer.

Some articles down “Memory Lane” and What’s In A Name which include varieties raising money for Charities

  • Meteor - Rose of The Year 2024

  • Peach Melba - Rose of The Year 2023

  • It’s A Wonderful Life - Rose of The Year 2022