Are you looking for a rose for that Special Person in your life but have been unable to find one under their Christian name, maybe there will be a suitable variety listed below. Commemorating a Special event, or looking for a variety to give to someone with a special interest, perhaps the following item will give you some ideas. Some may seem a little obscure. We do however all look at things in a different light.

BIRTHDAYS Birthday Boy, Birthday Girl, Birthday Surprise, Birthday Wishes, Happy Birthday, Life Begins at 40, Many Happy Returns, The Birthday Rose.

WEDDINGS Beautiful Sunrise, Bride, Bride and Groom, Centre Stage, Great Expectations, Happy Couple, Honeymoon, Love Knot, Lovely Bride, Marry Me, Newly Wed, Perfect Day, Together For Ever, Wedding Celebration, Wedding Day.


GENERAL Anniversary Wishes, Happy Anniversary, Special Anniversary, The Anniversary Rose.

SILVER  Silver Anniversary, Silver Jubilee,  Silver Wedding, Silver Wedding Celebration, Silver Wishes, The Silver Anniversary Rose, Twenty-fifth.

PEARL Happy Pearl Anniversary, Pearl Abundance, Pearl Anniversary, Pearl Wishes.

RUBY Happy Ruby Wedding, Ruby Anniversary, Ruby Celebration, Ruby Wedding, Ruby Wedding Celebration, Ruby Wishes,  The Ruby Wedding Anniversary

GOLD  Golden Anniversary, Golden Celebration, Golden Future, Golden Jubilee, Golden Memories, Golden Moment, Golden 50th, Golden 50th Anniversary, Golden Wedding, Golden Wishes, Golden Years, Happy Golden Wedding.

DIAMOND Diamond, Diamond Days, Diamond Days Forever, Diamond Eyes, Diamond Jubilee (2 varieties), Diamond Wedding, Diamond Wishes, The Diamond Wedding Rose, White Diamond.

PLATINUM Precious Platinum.


SPECIAL DAY Amazing Day, Celebration, Celebration Time, Champagne Celebration (2 varieties), Champagne Moment, Let’s Celebrate, Perfect Day, Precious Time, Something Special, Special Occasion.

SPECIAL WISHES    All The Best,  Best Wishes, Congratulations, Good Wishes, Happy Christmas, Just For You, Kind Regards, Many Congratulations, Many Thanks, Special Wishes, Warm Wishes

EXPRESSIONS OF INDEARMENT Babe, Chuckles, Dearest, Love Everlasting, My Everything, Love For Ever, You are My Sunshine, Your Lovely Eyes.

THAT SPECIAL PERSON (INCLUDING POSSIBLE NICKNAMES). If you cannot find a rose with a suitable Christian name. Do search the site just put in the name, as this maybe hidden if not alphabetically. e.g. put in the name  Polly  and the variety Pretty |Polly  should come up.

Always You, Belle of The Ball, Best Dad, Best Friend, Best Teacher, Calendar Girl, Crème de la Crème, Dear Sister, Dream Lover, Faithful Friend, Friend for Life, Friends, Friends Forever, Heart of Gold. Hero, Honeybunch, Just For You, Life Long Friends, Little Flirt, Lovely Lady, Loving Mum, Mischief, My Brother, My Darling Husband, My Darling Wife, My Love, My Lovely Dad, My Lovely Friend, My Lovely Mum, My Sister, One Love, Our Special Girl, Perfect Gentleman, Pretty Lady, Pure Poetry, Ray of Sunshine, Red Devil, Red Rascal, Simply The Best, Southern Beauty, Special Child, Special Friend, Special Mum, Super Star, The One and Only, True Friend, Valentine Heart, Wonderful Friendship, Wonderful Husband, Wonderful Wife, Wonderful You, You’re So Special, You’re The One.

ROMANTIC ADMIRATION All My Loving, Attraction, Belle de Jour, Bliss, Bobby Dazzler, Burning Desire, Cupid, Crazy For You, Crazy Love, Devotion, Eternally Yours, Eye Candy, Fab-u-lous, For Love, For Your Eyes Only, Foxy Lady, Gorgeous Girl, Hearts Desire, Imagination, Isn’t She Lovely, Let There Be Love, Love Me Tender, Lovestruck, Magic Moment, Mystery Girl, Oh Wow!, Over The Moon, Perfect Match, Poetry in Motion, Pure Delight, Reach For The Stars, Scentsational, Sealed With A Kiss, Simply Gorgeous, Snazzee, Star Appeal, The Enchantress, Truly Loved, With Love.

BABIES Blessings, Breath of Life, Bright Star, Celebrating Life, Dear Daughter, Gift For Life, Heaven Scent, Innocence, Little Cherub, Lullaby, New Arrival, New Life, Pure Delight, Princess, Scent From Heaven, Special Grandchild, Special Son, Sugar Baby, Sugar & Spice, Warm Welcome,

TWINS Double Delight, Dynamic Duo.

PARENTS (see also Special Person) Dad’s Delight, Father’s Day, Mothersday, Mother’s Love, Mum In A Million, My Dad, My Lovely Dad, My Lovely Mum, My Mum, Special Dad, Special Mum. Grandparents, Grandma’s Rose, Special Grandad, Special Grandma, Special Grandpa,

CHILDREN Child’s Play, Child of my Heart, Happy Child, Little Angel, Little Chap, Little Cherub, My Girl, Peter Pan, Schoolgirl, Smarty, Special Child, Star Performer

SEPARATION OR DIVORCE Amnesty, Freedom, New Beginnings, New Dawn, New Horizon, Reconciliation, Vision of Hope .

RETIREMENT Bliss, Carefree Days, Chelsea Pensioners. Easy Does It, Freedom, Happy Retirement, Keep In Touch, Lazy Days Memory Lane, New Beginnings, New Dawn, Pensioners Voice, Remember Me, Rosy Future, Take it Easy, Tranquillity.

BEREAVEMENT Always Remember Me, At Peace, Compassion, Courage, Eternal Flame, Eternally Yours, Free Spirit, Journey’s End, Loving Memory, Memorial, Pax, Peace, Remember Me, Remembrance, Sweet Memories, Sweet Remembrance, Tear Drop.

For the Bereaved Caring For You, Eternity, Faith, Remember.

GREETINGS Aloha, Bright Smile, Glad Tidings, Good Luck, Greetings, Lot’s of Love, Love Always, Nice Day, Warm Welcome, Welcome Home, With Love.

YOUR FAVOURITE TIPPLE Aperitif, Arthur Bell, Champagne, Chardonnay, Cocktail, Cocktail, Courvoisier, Glenfiddich, Hot Chocolate, Pink Champagne, Strange Brew, Typhoo Tea, Whisky Mac

YOUR FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER/MAGAZINE? Daily Mail, Garden News, named for The Sun. Sunfire, The Times Rose.

YOUR FAVOURITE BRITISH ROYAL The Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother, Princess Alexandra of Kent Princess Alice, Princess Anne, Prince Charles, Princess Michael of Kent, Princess of Wales, Queen of England, William and Catherine, Some of the roses which have raised money for Charities associated with Royalty. The Prince’s Trust, The Jubilee Rose (ABF The Soldiers Charity), The Gold Award Rose (The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award). The Duchess of Cornwall (for The National Osteoporosis Society).


GIFT FOR MUSIC LOVER OR PRODUCER AND DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY, Anniversary Waltz, Barbara Streisand, Benjamin Britain, Boogie-Woogie, Calypso, Carmen, Charleston, Cliff Richard, Country Music, Dancing I n The Dark, Disco Queen, Doris Day, Edith Piaf, Elaine Paige, Fascination, Fox-trot, Freddie Mercury, Handel, Hayley Westeran, Jacqueline Du Pre, James Gallway, Johann Strauss, Kolo, Lets Dance, Melody Maker, Memphis Music, Meringue, Moon Dancer, Moulin Rouge, Penny Lane, Redova, Rock n Roll, Saddleworth Male Voice, Sir Edward Elgar, Tangerine Tango, Tango, That’s Jazz, Tina Turner, Twist, and, Waltz.

WE DREAM OF THESE, Easter Sun, Eureka, Freedom, Good News, Happy Days, Happy Times, Indian Summer, Inspiration, Let Freedom Ring, Lovers Meeting. Natural Beauty, Paradise, Precious Memories, Quietness Seventh Heaven, Simply Heaven, Special Memories, Summer Love, Sweet Harmony, Times Past, Utopia, Wild Blue Yonder

VISTING PLACES AND THOUGHTS OF HOME If you travel you might like a souvenir of a special place. There are far too many to mention here, but why not seek them out from a grower and bring them back as a Memento Look out for the many roses named for Counties e.g. Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Lancashire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Wiltshire, Yorkshire etc. There are roses from towns or beauty spots such as Southampton, City of Leeds, City of London, City of York, Colchester Beauty, Dover, Malvern Hills. There are roses named after stately homes, and places, such as Ascot, Athens, Balmoral, Big Ben, Castle of May, Ely Cathedral, Hyde Park. Letchworth Centenary, Lincoln Cathedral, Norwich Castle or Norwich Cathedral, Sandringham, University of Chester, Welsh Gold, Winchester Cathedral, Woburn Abbey, York Minster. Then there is Florida Sunset, Tuscany, Valencia, Then return to Home Sweet Home.