For full details of how to use and codes see the ‘How To Use’ section

Variety appears with the selling name and in brackets any international registered name and alternative selling names.  In brackets the date of introduction followed by, in brackets classification colour group number and then the fragrance code.  Growers 3 letter codes and number then follow to get their full details look at the Grower section.

Pacific Blue (Tan/4833 a.k.a.  Hopes and Dreams) (2021)(h) 16  p Cra1 Crc2 PocSea1*  Str2  Wha4  Wis4.

Paddy McGredy (Macpa) (1962) (f) 13 v Rog2.

Paddy Stephens (Macclack) (1991) (h) 8/12 F Jon2.

Painted Damask see: Leda.

Paisley Abbey (Harrestore) (2013) (s) 14 v Ayl1 .

Pamela (Tynpam) (2023 a.k.a. Hummingbird p.k.a. Pammy) (2014) (f) 5 k Buy this from Sty1

Pammy see: Pamela

Panache (Poultop a.k.a. Brilliant Hit; Carrot Top; Special Wishes; Top Hit) (1994) (p) 8 v Coc3 Cpn4 Crc2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Poc2  Sea1* Str2 Wis4.

Pandemonium see: Claire Rayner

Pantheon see: Leslie’s Dream

Papa Gontier(1883) (s) 10/13 v No grower 2023-2024 .

Papa Meilland (Meisar; Meicasar) (1963) (h) 15 p  Lay2 Psn2 Rog2 .

Paper Anniversary (2003) (p) 1 v. No grower 2023-2024.

Papi Delbard (Delaby) (1995) (s/c) 7 p Bls1 Wht1.

Papillon (1883) (CH) 11 F Bls1.

Papworth Pride (Beamealon) (2017) 14/3 p Bls1 Cra1 Crc2 Poc2.

Parade (1953) (c) 13 p Aus2 Bls1 Coc3 Cra1Fry2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Wht1.

Parosol (Poulcy021) (2017) (c) 11 v Bay2.

Parkdirektor Riggers (1957) (c) 15 v  Bls1  Rum2 Str2 Wht1.

Park Jewel see: Centifolia Muscosa.

Park’s Yellow China (a.k.a. Rosa x odorata ochroleuca) (1824) (CH) 2 v Wht1.

Parky (Harpresto) (2009) (s) 1 v GSR Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4.

Parole see: Buxom Beauty

Parrot see: Avon

Parsons Pink China see: Old Blush China

Partridge (Korweirim) (1984) (gc) 1 k Aus2 Bls1.

Party Girl (1979) (m) 5+6 k Rog2.

Parvifolia see: Centifolia Parvifolia

Pascali (Lenip) (1963) (h) 1 F Aus2  Cpn4 Cur2  Lay2 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Wis4.

Pas de Deux  (Poulhult) (2000) (c) 3+6 v Crc2 Poc2.

Pasillo (Poulcy034) (2023) (MC) 13 F Wha4

Pat Austin (Ausmum a.k.a. Flame) (1997) (e) 7+3 p  Wht1.

Patricia (1972) (f) 10 G Rum2.

Patricia Kent (Harmerry) (2005) (s) 2 k Rum2.

Patricia May (Dicscenic) (2016) (s) 12 k Dic2.

Paul  (ES158-4-04) (2022) (f) 8/4 Buy this from Sty1

Paula’s Rose (Mander Trial 1-08) (2013) (mf) Rog2.

Paul Crampel (1930) (p1) 8 F Rog2.

Paul Dauvesse (1933) (c) 3 v Wht1.

Paulii (a.k.a. Rosa Paulii) (P1903)) (s) 1 k No grower 2023-2024 .

Paulii Rosea (a.k.a. Rosa Paulii Rosea) (1904) (s) 11 G No grower 2023-2024

Paul Lédé (1853) (c) 6 k Aus2 Wht1.

Paul McCartney see: The McCartney Rose.

Paul Neyron (1869) (HP) 13 v  Cra1 Crc2 Poc2 Wht1.

Paul Noël (1913) (c) 11 k Aus2 Wht1.

Paul Ricault (1845) (HP) 13 k  Bls1 Wht1.

Paul’s Dresden China see: Sophies Perpetue

Paul’s Early Blush (1893) (HP) 9 v No grower 2023-2024

Paul’s Himalayan Musk (19C) (c) 9 k Apu2 Aus2 Ayl1 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Cur2  Fry2 Gdy3 Hdy1 Jon2 Poc2 Rog2 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Wht1.

Paul Shirville (Harqueterwife a.k.a.Heart Throb; Saxo) (1983) (h) 11 p Aus2  Hdy1.

Paul Smith see: Sir Paul Smith

Paul’s Lemon Pillar (a.k.a. Lemon Pillar) (1915) (c) 2 v Aus2 Rog2 Wht1.

Paul’s Perpetual White (1882) (c) 1 k  Wht1.

Paul’s Scarlet Climber (1916) (c) 14 v Aus2 Bay2 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Cpn4 Cra1 Gdy3 Gfn4  Rum2 Str2  Wis4.

Paul Transon (1900) (c)7+8 k Bls1 Cra1 Crc2 Poc2  Weeping Standard Wht1.

Paul Verdier (1866) (b) 13 k No grower 2023-2024.

Paws (Beapaw) (1999) (s) 11 p Bls1.

Pax (1918) (HM) 1 k  Bls1 Rog2 Wht1.

Pavarotti see: Leslie’s Dream

Peace (a.k.a. Mdm. A Meilland) (1945) (h) 5 v Apu2 Aus2 Ayl1 Bay2 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Cpn4  Crc2 Cur2 Fry2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Hpn1 Jon2 Lay2 Poc2 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Wha4 Wis4Climbing Wht1. Standard   Jon2 Lay2  Rum2 .

Peace Keeper (Harbella a.k.a. Coronation; United Nations Rose) (1995) (f) v.No recommended grower 2023-2024

Peace Sunblaze see: Lady Sunblaze.

Peach (Bozvaz019) (2020) f 9/8 k Wht1.

Peach Clementine see: Sweetie

Peach Drift (Meiggili a.k.a Peach Meilove) (2006) 6 (s/gc) Ayl1.

Peaches & Cream see: Minnie Pearl.

Peach Grootendorst (UK 2015) (r) 7 k Wht1.

Peach Meilove see Peach Drift

Peach Melba (Kormelpea) (2022) (c) 11+6  F ROTY 2023 GSR Apu2 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Cra1Crc2  Poc2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Jon2 Poc2 RumSea1* Str2  Wha4   Wht1   Wis4

Peach Sunblaze  (Meixerul) (1991) (m) 6 F Cpn4.

Peachy see: Many Happy Returns

Peachy (Macreta) (2017) (p) 12 v Ayl1 Bls1 Wha4. Patio Standard Bls1 Wha4.

Peachy Creeper see Euphoria

Pear (Bozedib023) (2020) (f) 9 G Wht1.

Pearl (Korterschi a.k.a. Elegant Fairy Tale) (2000) (f) 10 v Ayl1 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Crc2 Cur2 Gdy3 Hpn1 Poc2 Wha4.

Pearl (Bozlenfra) (2020) (f) 1 k Wht1.

Pearl Abundance (Harfrisky a.k.a.The Soham Rose see separate entry) (2004) (f) 9 k z Ayl1 Cur2.

Pearl Anniversary (Whitston) (1995) (p) 9 F  Bnt3 Coc3 Cpn4 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Psn2 Sea1* Str2 Buy this from Sty1 Wis4. Miniature Standard Cpn4.

Pearl Anniversary (2007) (p)10 v. No grower 2023-2024.

Pearl Drift (Leggab) (1980) (s) 1+9 v Aus2 Bls1 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4  Rog2 Wht1.

Pearl of St. Luke’s (Beaoscar)(2002) (s) 10 k Bls1

Pearl Wishes (Poulnows; Poulsnows a.k.a. Snow Hit) (2000) (p) 1 k Str2 Wis4.

Peaudouce see: Elina.

Peel Brow Gold (Braapple) (2016?) (h) 4 G Rog2.

Peer Gynt (Korol) (1968) (h) 5 v Bay2 Cpn4.

Pélisson (a.k.a. Monsieur Pélisson) (1848) (M) 13+16 p No grower 2023-2024.

Penelope (1924) (HM) 9 k  Aus2 Ayl1 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Cpn4 Cra1 Crc2 Cur2 Fry2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Jon2 Lay2 Poc2 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2  Str2 Wha4 Wht1.

Penelope Lively (Ausb18a15) (2023) (e) 10 k Aus2

Penni Our Special Girl see: Our Special Girl

Penny Lane (Hardwell) (1998) (c) 2 k ROTY 1998 GSR Apu2 Aus2 Bay2 Cpn4  Crc2 Cur2 Fry2  Hdy1 Lay2 Poc2   Wis4.

Pension Voice (Fryrelax a.k.a. Michelle Wright) (1989) (f) 6 k Fry2.

Peppermint Splash see: Rachel Louise Moran

Perception (Harzippee a.k.a. Cindy; LeAnn Rimes) (1997) (h) 2/13 p Rog2.

Perennial Blue (Mehblue, Mehv9601) (2004) (c) 16 k Apu2 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Cur2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Poc2 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Buy this from Sty1 Wis4.Standard Coc3  Gdy3 GfnBuy this from Sty1

 Perennial Blush (Mehp9617; Mehbarbie) (2007) (c) 9 p GSR  Bnt3 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Cur2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Lay2 Poc2 Str2 Buy this from Sty1 Wis4.Standard Coc3  Gdy3 GfnBuy this from Sty1

Perennial Domino (Tan—–) (2021) (c) 15 v Cra1

Perennial Rosali (Tan1481) (2020) (c) 10 k Cra1 Crc2 Poc2

Perfect Day (Poulrem a.k.a. Cream Castle) (2001) (f) 2+5 v.  No grower 2023-2024

Perfect Gentleman (Raw1059) (2017) (f) 7 p Buy this from Sty1

Perfect Harmony (Tanquestedv) (20??) (h) 2/11 k Bls1 Crc2 Fry2 Poc2 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Buy this from Sty1 Wis4.

Perfect Match (Harlie) (2014) (f) 9/1 k Ay11 Cur2 Wis4.

Perfect Pet (Smi 122-2-04) (2014) (f) 7+3  Bnt3  Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Gdy3 Poc2 Buy this from Sty1

Perfume Dreams  (Vissechdam) (2022) (c) 1+2 p Bnt3 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2  Gdy3 Jon2  Poc

Pergolèse (1860) (P) 16 k No grower 2023-2024 .

Perle de Alcanada a.k.a. Baby Crimson) (1944) (m) 13 F No grower 2024-2025.

Perle d’Or (1890) (CH) 6 v Aus2 Bls1 Cra1 Crc2 Poc2 Rog2 Wht1.

Perpetually Yours (Harfable a.k.a. Canterbury) (1998) (c) 2 k   Hpn1 Rog2  Wis4.

Perpetue White Moss see: Quatre Saisons Blanc Mousseaux.

Persian Musk Rose see: Rosa Moschata Nastarana

Persian Mystery (Hartroy) (2010) (f/s) 10+14 v. No recommended grower 2023-2024

Persian Yellow (a.k.a. Rosa Foetida Persiana) (1837) (Sp) 2 F No grower 2023-2024

Peter (Raw2555092021) (h) 14 k Buy this from Sty1.

Peter Beales (Cleexpert) (2000) (s) 14 k Bls1.

Peter Cottontail (Marpeter) (2004) (mf) 1 v Rog2.

Peter James Richardson (Dicpaspa) (2020) (f) 1+9 k Dic2.Coc3       Dic2 Gdy3 Gfn4

Peter Pan (Chewpan) (1997) (p) 14 F Aus2 Ay11  Jon2 Rog2 Str2 Wis4.

Peter’s Persica  (Chewgoldeye) (2023) (MC) 5 k Cra1 CrcJon2   Poc2 Rum2 Wha4 Wht1.

Petite de Hollande (P1791) (Ce) 10 v  Wht1.

Petite Lisette (1817) (s/c) 9 v No grower 2023-2024.

Petito (1973?) (p) 5 G No grower  2023-2024.

Phab Gold (Frybountiful) (1998) (f) 4 F Fry2 Rum2

Pheasant (Kordapt) (1986) (gc) 9 k  Aus2 Bls1 Cur2 Jon2.

Phillipa (Poulheart a.k.a. on the continent know as Julia Renaissance) (199?) (s) 9 p  Wht1.

Phil’s Favourite (Raw2788) (2023)  (f) 13/1 v Buy this from Sty1

Phoebe’s Frilled Pink see: Fimbriata.

Phylis/Phyllis (?) (p) 1 v Crc2 Poc2.

Phyllis Bide (1923) (c) 3/11 k  Aus2 Ayl1    Bay2 Bls1 Coc3 Cpn4 Cra1 Crc2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Jon2 Poc2  Rog2  Sea1*  WhtWeeping Standard  Hdy1

Piccadilly (Macar) (1960) (h) 3/14 F Bay2 Coc3 Cpn4  Cra1 Cur2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Wis4Climbing (1963) Cpn4. Standard Cpn4.

Piccolo (Tanolokip) (1985) (f) 12+13 v  Cpn4 Cur2 Hdy1 Jon2Standard Cpn4.

Piccolo Pete (1984) (s) 14 G No grower 2023-2024.

Picture (1932) (h) 9 v Rog2.

Pierre De Ronsard see: Eden Rose 88

Pierrine (Micpie) (1988) (m) 10/9 k Rog2

Pigalle ’84 (Meicloux) (1984) (f) 8 F Rum2.

Pink Abundance (Harfrothy) (1999) (s) 10 k Apu2.

Pink Bells (Poulbells) (1983) (gc) 10 v  Bls1 Coc3 Gdy3  Gfn4.

Pink Champagne (Forchamp) (2014) ( c) 1+10 v Buy this from Sty1

Pink Cherokee see: Rosa Anemonides.

Pink Cover see: Essex

Pink Drift (Meijocos) (2006) (s/gc) 11 F GSR Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4.

Pink Favourite (1956) (h) 10 v Bay2 Cpn4 Rog2

Pink Fizz (Polycool a.k.a. Bournonville) (2000) (MC) 10 F. No grower 2023-2024

Pink Flower Carpet (Noatraum p.k.a. Flower Carpet a.k.a. Blooming Carpet; Emera; Emera Pavement; Floral Carpet) (1991) (gc/s) 10 v Apu2 Aus2 Ayl1 Bay2 Bls1 Coc3 Fry2* Gdy3 Gfn4  Hpn1 Lay2 Rog2  Sea1* Str2 Wha4. Weeping Standard/speciality Standard see note 1 on How to Use section Bls1 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Hpn1 Lay2 Rum2 Wha4.

Pink Flower Carpet Climber see: Flower Carpet Pink Climber

Pink Grootendorst (1923) (r) 10 v  Bls1 Psn2 Wht1.

Pink Grüss An Aachen (1929) (pl) 12 v Bls1.

Pink Hit (Poultipe a.k.a. Silver Wishes) (1986) (p) 9 v Ayl1 Bls1 Cpn4  Str2 Wha4. Wis4. Patio Standard Wis4.

Pink Lëda (1827) (D) 10 k Wht1.

Pink Martine (Tan04608) (2014?) (h) 9 p Bls1 Bnt3  Coc3  Gdy3  Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Wis4. Standard Rum2.

Pink Nevada see Marguerite Hilling

Pink Paradise (Delfluoro) (2013) (h) 10/2 p GSR Bls1 Coc3 Cpn4 Gdy3 Gfn4 Wht1. Standard Cpn4.

Pink Parfait (1960) (f) 11 k  Rog2.

Pink Patio see Lady Love

Pink Peace (Meibil) (1959) (h) 13 p Bay2 Cpn4  Psn2 Wis4.

Pink Perfection (Korpauvio a.k.a. Beverly) (2008) (h) 10 k GSR Ayl1 Crc2 Poc2 Sea1* Str2 Wha4 Wis4.

Pink Perpetue (1965) (c) 10 v Aus2 Bay2 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Cpn4   Gdy3 Gfn4 Hpn1 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2  Str2 Wis4.

Pink Pirouette (Harbail) (1998) (p) 10 p. No recommended grower 2023-2024

Pink Prosperity (1931) (HM) 10 v Rog2 Wht1.

Pink Skyliner (Franwekpink) (2003) (MC/s) 10 k Jon2.

Pink Sunblaze (Meijidiro) (1980) (p/m) 10 v Bay2 Cpn4.

Pink Supreme Flower Carpet (Noa—) (2017) (gc) 10+14 v Ayl1  Wha4.

Pink Symphonie see: Pretty Polly

Pink Timeless see: Timeless Pink

Pink Topaz (Mantopaz; Manpaz) (2000) (m) 11 F No grower 2023-2024.

Pinnacle (Beniowa; Benflor) (2001) (f) 14/2 v No grower 2023-2024.

Pippin (Beajaffa) (2013) (s) 10 k    Ayl1 Bls1 Cra1 Crc2 Poc2 Sea1* Wha4.

Pirouette (Poulyc003) (2004) (MC) 6 v Ayl1 Bls1 Wha4.

Plaisanterie (Lentrimera a.k.a.Pleasant Valley) (1996) (ch) 3+14 Bls1 Cra1 Crc2 Poc2 Sea1*

Playgroup Rose (Horsun p.k.a. The Playgroup Rose) (1986) (f) 5 k Cur2 Psn2 .

Playtime (Korsaku a.k.a. Rosalina) (1992) (gc) 10 v No grower 2023-2024.

Pleasant Valley see: Plaisanterie

Pleine de Grãce (Lengra a.k.a. The Song Bird Rose) (P1981) (s) 1 p Rog2 Wht1.

Plentiful (1961) (f) 13 F No grower 2023-2024.

Plum Pudding (2016) (s) 16 k No grower 2024-2025

Poetical Liz (Beanatasha) (2021) (c) 4 k Bls1

Poetry In Motion (Harelan) (1997) (h) 3 p Bls1 Lay2 Rog2.

Polar Spire see: Polar Star

Polar Star (Tanlarpost a.k.a. Evita; Polar Spire;, Stella Polare) (1982 uk 1985) (h) 1 v ROTY 1985 Cpn4  Fry2 Hdy1 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Str2 Wis4Standard Cpn4 Rum2.

Polka see: Lord Byron

Polly (P1926) (h) 1 k Rog2.

Polonaise (1984) (s) 13 G No grower 2023-2024

Pomifera (a.k.a. Apple Rose, Rosa Pomifera & Rosa Villosa) (?) (Sp) 10 v  .No grower 2023-2024

Pomifera Duplex (a.k.a. Rosa Pomifera Duplex, Rosa Villosa Duplex, Villosa Duplex, Wolley Dod’s Rose) (?) (s) 10 k No grower 2023-2024 .

Pomona see: Avon

Pompadour (Deldour) (2016) (f) 10 k Crc2 Cur2 Poc2.

Pompon Blanc Parfait (1876) (a) 16 v Rog2

Pompon de Bourgogne see: Centifolia Parvifolia.

Pompon de Panachée (1856) (ga) 1/13 p No grower 2023-2024

 Pompon de Paris (1839) (CH/c) 10 F Bls1 Crc2 Poc2 Weeping Standard Bls1.

Pompon des Princes see: Ispahan.

Poppy Rose (2013) (HM) 15 F Bls1

Portland Rose (a.k.a. Duchess of Portland) (P1770) (P) 14 k Aus2 Bls1 Cra1 Crc2 Poc2 Wha4 Wht1.

Portland Trail Blazer see: Big Chief

Port Sunlight (Auslofty) (2008) (e) 7 p Aus2 Cra1Standard Aus2.

Pot O’Gold (Dicdivine) (1980) (h) 4 k Bay2.

Pour Toi (a.k.a For You; Wendy) (1976) (m) 1 F Aus2 Cpn4 Cur2 Psn2.

Power Point (Bennovecientos) (P2002) (mf) 14 v No grower 2023-2024.

Prague (f) 1 v Cra1

Prairie Rose see: Rosa Setigera.

Precious Amber (Noa77800) (2011) (f) 5 v Ayl1 Bls1 Wha4. Standard Wha4.

Precious Gold (Noa55504) (2014) (f) 4 v Ayl1 Bls1 Fry2 Wha4. Standard Wha4.

Precious Granddaughter (Raw1183) (2018) (f)12 k Buy this from Sty1

Precious Grandson (Raw1193) (2018) (f) 12 p Buy this from Sty1

Precious Love (Noa63004) (2014) (f) 13 v Ayl1 Bls1 Wha4. Standard Wha4.

Precious Memories (Dichello) (2009) (f) 10+12 v Cra1 Crc2 Cur2  Poc2 Buy this from Sty1 Standard Cur2.

Precious Memories see: Elaine Paige

Precious Platinum (a.k.a. Red Star) (1976) (h) 15 v Cpn4 Jon2.

Precious Ruby (Noa16-13/1) (2018) (f) 14 v Ayl1 Wha4. Standard Wha4.

Precious Time (Oramarpa) (2010) (h) 14 F Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Jon2 Buy this from Sty1

President Armand Zinsch (1998) (h) 4 p No grower 2023-2024.

Président de Séze (a.k.a.Mme Hébert; Jenny Duval see Note 7 on How to use section (1828 (ga) 16 v Wht1.

President Herbert Hoover (1930) (h) 12 kNo grower 2023-2024.

Prestige (1957) (HM) 14 k Rog2.

Pretty In Pink (Dicumpteen) (1989) (gc) 9 k Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Poc2.

Pretty Jessica (Ausjess) (1983) (e) 13 p Bnt3 Coc3  Gdy3 Wht1.

Pretty Lady (Scrivo) (1996) (f) 6+9 v Hdy1 Jon2.

Pretty Parfuma (Kortekcho) (2018) (f) 2+5 p  Crc2 Poc2 Sea1* Str2

Pretty Polly (Meitonje a.k.a. Pink Symphonie) (1989) (p/f) 9 v Ayl1 Bnt3 Coc3 Cpn4 Cur2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Hpn1 Lay2 Rum2  Buy this from Sty1 Wha4 Wis4. Quarter Standard Rum2  Miniature Standard Cpn4

Pride (2015) (p) 14 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4.

Pride and Prejudice (Harwindow) (2013) (f) 2/6. No recommended grower 2023-2024

Pride of Cheshire (Wekosupalz a.k.a. About Face) (2004) (h) 7 v Jon2.

Pride of England (Harencore) (1998) (h) 14 v No  grower 2023-2024.

Pride of Lakeland (2011) (h) 10 G Rog2.

Pride of Scotland (Macwhitba) (2003) (h) 8/10 v Jon2.

Pride of Searle (2020) Sea1*.

Prima see: Many Happy Returns.

Prima Ballerina (1957) (h) 10 p  Coc3 Cpn4 Cur2 Gdy3 Gfn4  Psn2 Rog2

Prince Camille de Rohan (1861) (HP) 14 p No grower 2023-2024

Prince Caspian (Wekfrancoly a.k.a. In The Mood) (2007) (h) 14 F Jon2.

Prince Charles (1842) (b) 15 v  Wht1.

Prince Charlie’s Rose see: Rosa Alba.

Princess Charlene of Monaco (2023?) 6+9 P Str2

Prince Jardinier (Meitroni a.k.a. My Garden (2006 UK 2012) (h) 1+9 k GSR Coc3    Cra1 Gdy3 GfnSea1*  Str2 Buy this from Sty1

Prince Sunblaze (Meirutral a.k.a. Prince Meillander) (1988) (m) 15 F Cpn4.

Princess (Korspobux a.k.a. Garden Princess; Sweet Beauty; Sweet Parole) (2009) (h) 10/2 p Rog2.

Princess Alexandra (Pouldra) (1998) (s) 13 p Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Wht1.

Princess Alexandra of Kent (Ausmerchant) (2008) (e) 10 p Aus2 Ayl1  JonBuy this from Sty1

Princess Alice 

Princess Anne (Auskitchen) (2010) (e) 10 k GSR Aus2 Ayl1 Cra1 Jon2. Standard Aus2.

Princess Charlene of Monaco(Meidysook) (2011?) (h) 6+9  P Sea1*

Princess Claire of Belgium (Visbonpa) (2013) (s) 10 v Jon2.

Princess Ida (2019) (f) No grower 2023-2024.

Princess Louise (1828) (c) 9 v Aus2 Bls1

Princesse Marie see: Belvedere.

Princess Michiko (1966) (f) 8 G No grower 2024-2025

Princess Nobuko (Coclistine) (2001) (h) 9 k Rog2.

Princess of Nassau (a.k.a. Autumnalis) (1835) (c/s) 1 k  No grower 2023-2024 .

Princess of Wales (Hardinkum) (1997) (f) 1 v   Cpn4  Hdy1  Standard  Hdy1

Pristine (Jacpico) (1978) (h) 1 v Aus2.

Prosecco Fizz (Raw2287)(2021) (f) 8 G Buy this from Sty1

Prolifera de Redouté (P1824) (Ce) 10 k Bls1

Proper Job (Tan02733 a.k.a. Gospel) (2009) (h) 15 p  Crc2 Fry2 Poc2  Wht1 Wis4.

Prosperity (1919) (HM) 1 k Aus2 Bls1 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2  Gdy3 Gfn4  Poc2 Rog2 Wht1.

Prospero (Auspero) (1982) (s/e) 15 p Wht1.

Provence see: Rosa Centifolia.

Pseudoindica see: Fortune’s Double Yellow

Psychedelic (Wepsylic) (2019) (f) 16/2 k Jon2.

Pullman Orient Express See: Love & Peace

Pumpkin Patch (Wekmongros) (2010) (f) 7+17 (s) Jon2.

Pure Abundance see: Great North Eastern

Pure Delight (Guesrave) (2014) (h) 2/6/11 v No grower 2023-2024

Pure Gold (Harhappen a.k.a. The Steve Redgrave Rose) (2002) (s) 3 p. No  recommended grower 2023-2024

Pure Poetry (Tan02733; Tan04179) (2011) (h) 13 p  Coc3 Cpn4 Crc2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Poc2 Rum2  Wht1 Wis4. Standard Rum2.

Purezza (a.k.a. The Pearl) (2011) (c) 1 p Bls1.

Purity (1917) (c) 1 k No grower 2023-2024 .

Purple Heart see: New Age

Purple Siluetta (Korsilu10) (2022) ( c/MC) 16 v Bls1 Wha4

Purple Skyliner (Franwekpurp) (2003) (MC/s) 16 k  Ayl1 Bls1 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Jon2 Wha4 Wis4.

Purple Tiger (Jacpurr a.k.a. Impressionist) (1992) (f) 16/1 v  Rum2 Str2 Buy this from Sty1 Wis4.

Purple/Timeless see: Timeless Purple/Violet

Pyreneez see: Kent