Cabbage Rose see: Centifolia.

Cadillac DeVille see: Moonstone

Café Au Lait (Simgoey) (2016) (f) 13+17 k Sty1

Cajun Signature (2004) (h) 1+13/1 G Rog2.

Cajun Sunrise (2001) (h) 11 F Rog2.

Caledonian (1983) (h) 2/10/4 v Rog2.

Calender Girl (Raw910) (2014) (f) 13 G Rog2.

California see: Rosa California.

Californica Plena (a.k.a. Rosa Californica Plena) (1894) (Sp) 13 v Aus2 Bls1 Rog2 Wht1.

Callisto (1920) (Hm) 4 k Aus2 Wht1.

Calypso (Poulclimb a.k.a. Berries ‘n’ Cream and on the continent Concert) (1997) (c)9/13 v Apu2.

Camaieux (1826) (ga) 1/15 p Aus2 Bls1 Rog2 Wht1.

Cambridgeshire (Korhaungen a.k.a. Carpet of Colour; Fun Sensation) (1994) (gc) 8+10+2 v Apu2 Aus2 Bls1 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Wht1.

Camelot (Tan05372) (2013) (c)10 k Crc2 Cra1 Poc2 Sty1

Camille Pissarro (Delstricol a.k.a. Rainbow Nation) (1996) (f) 2/13 p Bls1 Sty1

Campina Gold (Viscopper) (2010) (h) 4+5 G Jon2.

Canadian Northlight (1984) (h) 13 v Rog2.

Canary Bird a.k.a. Rosa Xanthina) see note 2 on page 48. (C1908) (Sp) 4 F Apu2 Aus2 Ayl1 Bay2 Bls1 Bnt3 Can1 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Cur2 Dal3 Fry2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Har1 Hdy1 Jon2 Lay2 Poc2 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Sty1 Wha4 Wht1 Weeping Standard/speciality Standard see note 1 page 48. Bls1 Dal3 Fry2* Hdy1 Jon2 Rum2 Str2 Sty1 Half Standard Dal3 Rum2.

Candlelight see: Global Beauty

Candyfloss (Raw1233) (2020) (f) 9/1 k Sty1.

Candyland(Wekrosopela) (2012) (c)13/2 v Can1 Cra1 Crc2 Jon2 Poc2 Sea1* Sty1

Candy Rain see: Abraham Darby

Canina see Rosa Canina

Cantabrigiensis (a.k.a. Rosa Cantabrigiensis) (1931) (Sp) 2 k Aus2 Bls1 Rog2 Wht1.

Canterbury see: Perpetually Yours

Can Yonlands see: Fascination

Canzonetta (Noa84497D) (2005 UK 2014) (f) 13 v Ayl1 Wha4.

Capel Manor House (Beajammie) (2012) (c)15+1 k Bls1.

Capitaine John Ingram (1854) (M) 15/16 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Capricia see: One In A Million

Captain Christy Climbing (1881) (9 v Aus2 Bls1 Wha4.

Captain Hayward (1893) (HP) 13 k Wht1.

Cardiff (Poulcas011) (2017) (f) 13 v Bay2.

Cardinal de Richelieu (ga) (P1840) 15/16 v Aus2 Ayl1 Bay2 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Cpn4 Cra1 Cur2 Dal3 Gdy3 Gfn4  Rog2 Str2 Wha4 Wht1

Cardinal Hume (Harregale) (1984) (s) 16 v Har1.

Carefree Days (Meirivouri a.k.a. Belle Symphonie) (1997) (p) 10 v Apu2 Ayl1 Bls1 Coc3 Cur2 Fry2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Sea1* Str2 Wha4 Wis4. Half Standard Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4. Patio Standard Fry2* Str2 Wha4 Wis4.

Cariad (Auspanier) (2010) (e) 9 k Aus2 Jon2.

Caribia see: Harry Wheatcroft

Carl Phillips see: The Times Rose

Carmen (1907) (r) 15 v Bls1.

Carmenetta see: Rosa Rubrifolia Carmenetta

Carol (a.k.a. Carol Amling; Garnette Carol) (1953) (g) 10 k Jon2.

Carol Amling see: Carol

Caroline Testout (a.k.a. Mdm Caroline Testout) -(1890) (h) 10 k Bls1. Climbing (1901)Aus2 Bls1 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Rog2 Wht1.

Caroline Victoria (Harprior) (2006) (h) 2/3 p Apu2 Har1.

Carolyn Knight (Austurner) (2013) (e) 6/3 p Aus2

Carpet of Colour see: Cambridgeshire

Carris (Harmanna a.k.a. Ruby 40th) (2007) (h) 14 v Aus2 Ay11 Cgr1 Har1 Wha4. Standard Wha4.

Carrot Top see: Panache

Cascading White see: Newly Wed

Casino (Macca a.k.a. Gerbe d’Or) (1963) (c) 3 k Bls1 Cgr1 Cpn4 Cur2 Dal3 Psn2 Wht1.

Castle of Mey (Coclucid) (1992) (f) 6 v Rog2.

Catherine Cookson (Noscook) (1986 (h)9 k Rog2.

Cécile Brunner (a.k.a. Maltese Rose; The Sweetheart Rose) (1880) (CH/s) 9 v Aus2 Bls1 Crc2 Poc2 Rog2 Rum2 Str2 Wht1. Climbing (1904)Apu2 Aus2 Bls1 Bnt3 Can1 Cgr1 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hpn1 Poc2 Rog2 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Wht1

Cécile Brunner White see White Cécile Brunner

Celebration see: Amazing Grace

Celebrating Life (Harvixen) (2014) (f) 10/11 p Har1.

Celebration 2000 (Horcoffitup a.k.a. Rabble Rouser) (2000) (f) 4 v Aus2.

Celebration Time (Wekcobeju) (2007) (f) 8/11/16 k GSR Bnt3 Cgr1 Coc3 Cra1 Cur2 Gdy3 Jon2 Rog2.

Celeste (a.k.a. Celestial) (a) (1842) 2 k Aus2 Bls1 Dal3 Rum2 Wht1.

Céline Forestier (1842) (c/N) 3 k Aus2 Bls1 Rog2 Wht1.

Celsiana (P1750) (D) 9 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Centenaire De Lourdes (Delge a.k.a. Mrs Jones) (1958) (f) 9 v Bls1.

Centenary of Federation See: Betty Boop

Centre of Attention (Weksaqureref) (2016) (f) 10 k Jon2.

Centifolia (a.k.a. Rosa Centifolia, Cabbage Rose, Provence Rose) (P1600) (Ce) 10 k Aus2 Bls1 Rog2 Wht1.

Centifolia Bullata (a.k.a. Bullata, Rosa Centifolia Bullata) (1801) (Ce) 10 k Aus2 Bls1.

Centifolia Cristata see: Crested Moss.

Centifolia Muscosa (a.k.a. Park Jewel, Rosa Centifolia Muscosa) (P1720) (Ce/M) 10 k Bls1 Rog2.

Centifolia Muscosa Alba see: White Bath.

Centifolia Muscosa Rubra see: Red Moss

Centifolia Parvifolia (a.k.a. Burgundy Rose, Burgundian Rose, Parvifolia, Pompon de Bourgogne, Pomponde Burgundian, Rosa Centifolia Parviflora) (1650) (s) 11 G Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Centifolia Veriegate (a.k.a. Cottage Maid, La Rubanee & Village Maid) (1845) (Ce) 2/9 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Centre Stage (Chewcreepy) (2002) (gc) 9 F Aus2 Jon2 Wha4.

Cerise Bouquet (1958) (s) 13 k Aus2 Bls1 Rog2 Wht1.

Cerisette la Jolie see: Surpasse Tout.

Cesse’s Rose (2014) (h) 6+10 p Crc2 Poc2.

Champagne Celebration (Frylimbo) (2010) (h) 9 k Wha4.

Champagne Celebration (Simluck) (2017) (f) 1+9 p Sty1

Champagne Cocktail (Horflash) (1983) (f) 3/13 p Rog2.

Champagne Moment (Korvanaber a.k.a. Lions-Rose on the Continent) (2003 UK 2006)ROTY 2006(f) 6/9 k GSR Apu2 Aus2 Ayl1 Bay2 Bls1 Bnt3 Can1 Cgr1 Coc3 Cpn4 Cra1 Crc2 Cur2 Dal3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Hpn1 Jon2 Lay2 Poc2 Rog2 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Sty1 Wha4 Wis4. Standard Can1 Coc3 Cpn4 Cur2 Dal3 Fry2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hpn1 Jon2 Rum2 Str2 Sty1 Wis4. Half Standard Can1 Dal3 Hdy1 Sty1

Champion of The World (1894) (HP) 10 k Bls1.

Champneys Pink Cluster (1802) (c) 10 k Aus2

Chandos Beauty (Harmisty a.k.a. Sweet Love ) (2006) (h) 9 p GSR Apu2 Ayl1 Bls1 Bnt3 Can1 Cgr1 Coc3 Cpn4 Cra1 Crc2 Fry2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Har1 Hpn1 Jon2 Lay2 Poc2 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Sty1 Wht1 Wis4. Standard Coc3 Cpn4 Fry2* Gdy3 Gfn4 Lay2. Rum2. Str2 Sty1 Wis4. Half Standard Fry2* Hpn1 Rum2.

Chanelle (1959) (f) 2 k Bls1 Rog2.

Channabelle (Hartempter) (2013) (f) 13 Har1.

Chapeau de Napoleon see: Crested Moss.

Chaplin’s Pink Climber (1929)10 F Bls1 Wht1.

Chardonnay (Simtely) (2017) (f) 2+1 k Sty1

Charisma (Noa1607 a.k.a. Timeless Charisma) (2010 UK 2015) (h) 13 G Ayl1 Bls1 Fry2 Wha4.

Charismatic (Decmatic) (2004) (mf) 13+2 F Rog2.

Charles Austin (Ausfather) (1973) (e) 7 k Bnt3 Coc3 Cra1 Gdy3.

Charles Darwin (Auspeet) (2002) (e) 3 p Aus2 Ayl1 Cra1 Jon2. Standard Aus2.

Charles de Gaulle (Meilanfin a.k.a Ketherine Mansfield) (1974) (h) 16 p Bay2 Hpn1.

Charles de Mills (a.k.a. Bizarre Triomphant) (P1790) (ga) 15/16 k Aus2 Ay11 Bls1 Bnt3 Can1 Coc3 Cpn4 Crc2 Cur2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Poc2 Rog2 Rum2 Str2 Wht1

Charles Dickens (Raw1064 a.k.a.Best Dad) (2017) (h) 13 v Sty1 See note 15 page 48

Charles Lefèbvre (1861) (HP) 15 k Bls1.

Charles Mallerin (1951) (s/h) 15 p Bls1.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Ausren) (1984) (e) 16 k Aus2.

Charlie’s Rose (Tanallepa a.k.a. Acapella) (1994) (h) 10/1 p Apu2 Cgr1 Coc3 Crc2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Poc2 Sty1

Charlotte (Auspoly) (1993) (e) 4 k Aus2 Ayl1 Cgr1 Cra1 Hpn1 Jon2 Str2 Sty1 Standard Ayl1 Sty1

Charlotte Victoria (Dicfelojes) (2020) (f) v Dic2.

Charlotte Vieli (Diclooker) (2011) (f) 12 k Dic2.

Charmant (Korpeligo) (2000) (p) 10 k Ay11

Charming (Kenslinte) (2018) (f) 7 v Cra1 Crc2 Jon2 Poc2.

Chartered (Diclingo) (2013) (f) k Dic2.

Chartreuse see: Solitaire

Chartreuse de Parme (Delviola) (1998) (s) 13 p Ayl1 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Gdy3 Sty1 Wht1.

Château de Clos Vougeot (1908) (h) 15 p Climbing (1920)Aus2 Bls1.

Ch Ching (Wekyesir) (2010) (h) 4 k Jon2.

Checkmate (Diclanky) (2013) (c)11+5 v Apu2 Bnt3 Coc3 Cra1 Dic2 Gdy3 Gfn4

Cheek To Cheek (Poulslas p.k.a. Salsa) (2002) (MC) 9 F Ayl1 Bls1 Cgr1 Cur2

Cheerful Charlie (Cocquimmer) (2004) (f) 13 v Bnt3 Cgr1 Coc3 Cra1 Gdy3.

Cheeryfulness (2016) (f) 3 k Crc2 Poc2.

Cheers see: Beautiful Sunrise

Chelsea Belle (Talchelsea) (1991) (m) 10/14 v Rog2.

Cherie see: Red Abundance

Cherish Pet (Gues11-50 a.k.a. Hidden Gem) (Gues11-50) (2018) (f) 12 v Sty1

Cherokee Rose see: Rosa Laevigata.

Cherry Bonica (Meipeponia) (2015) (s) 13 p Can1 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Rum2.

Cherry Girl (Korkosieb) (2010 UK 2014) (f) 13 v Wha4.

Cherry Hinton (Dicprolong) (2017) (s) 13 k Dic2.

Cheshire (Korkonopi) see County Rose Cheshire

Cheshire Life (1973) ( (h) 8 v Aus2 Bay2 Cpn4 Psn2.

Cheshire Regiment see: The Cheshire Regiment

Chester Cathedral (Franshine) (1989) (h) 3 F Jon2.

Chestnut Rose see: Rosa Roxburghii.

Chevy Chase (1939) (c) 15 k Bls1. Wha4. Weeping Standard Bls1 Rum2.

Chewton Rose (Benlucy) (2014) (s) 13 v Bls1.

Chianti (Auswine) (1967) (e) 15 v Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Chicago Peace (Johnago) (1962) (h) 5 v Bay2 Bls1 Coc3 Cpn4 Cur2 Dal3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2.

Chihuly (Wekscemala) (2004) (f) 7+5+8 v Jon2.

Child of My Heart (Beapeace) (2008) (s) 12 p Bls1.

Child’s Play (Savachild) (1991) (m) 1/9 k Rog2.

Chilterns (Kortemma a.k.a. Fiery Sunsation; Island of Fire; Red Ribbons) (1998) (gc) 14 v Rum2.

Chinatown (a.k.a. Ville de Chine) (1963) (f/s) 3 p Apu2 Aus2 Ayl1 Coc3 Cpn4 Cur2 Dal3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Wha4 Wis4.

Chinensis see Rosa Chinensis

Chippendale see: Duchess Cornwall

Chivalry (Macpow) (1973) (h) 14/3 F Cpn4.

Chloe (Poulen003 a.k.a Nadia Renaissance) (2001) (s) 16 p Can1 Cgr1 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Sty1 Wht1

Chloe’s Star (Pazstar) (2007) (m) 4 F Cgr1 Rog2.

Chloris (a.k.a. Rosee du Matin) (1820) (a) 9 G Rog2 Wht1.

Chocolate Buttons (2016) (f) 17 G Cra1

Chocolate Drop (Simchoclat) (2020) (f) 17 k Sty1.

Chocolate Ripples see: Brownie de Meilland

Chris (Kirsan) (1999) (c) 4 k Apu2 Aus2 Cgr1 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Hpn1 Jon2 Sty1

Chris Beardshaw (Wekmeredoc a.k.a. Meredith) (2008) (h) 9 p  Hpn1 Jon2 Lay2.

Christian Dior (Meioie) (1958) (h) 14 v Bls1 Cpn4.

Christian IV see: The Times Rose

Christine Climber (1936) 4 F Aus2.

Chromatell see: Cloth of Gold.

Chrysler Imperial (1952) (h) 15 p Bls1.

Chuckles (Simmimi) (2014) (f) 1+13 v Sty1

Cider Cup (Dicladida) (1987) (p) 6 v Aus2 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Psn2 Rog2 Wis4.

Cinderella (Korfobalt) (2006) (c)10 p Cra1 Crc2 Hpn1 Jon2 Poc2 Wht1

Cindy see: Perception

City Girl (Harzorba a.k.a.Country Cottage) (1994) (c) 12/8 v Hpn1.

City Livery (Harhero a.k.a. Honor Elizabeth) (2001) (f) 3 k Har1.

City of Carisbad see: Hanky Panky

City of Leeds (1966) (f) 12 v Cpn4 Psn2

City of London (Harukfore) (1988) (f/s) 9 p Bls1

City of Portsmouth (1976) (f) 7 v Dal3.

City of York (1945) (c) 2 k Bls1 Crc2 Poc2 Wha4.

Claire Austin (Ausprior) (2008) (e/c) 2 p Aus2 Ayl1 Cra1 Jon2 Lay2 Str2 Sty1 Standard Aus2.

Claire Bear (Webwelcome) (2013) (f) 8 G Cgr1 Rog2.

Claire Jacquier (1888) (c) 3 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1

Claire Marshall (Harunite) (2012) (f) 11+16 p Apu2 Can1 Cra1 Crc2 Har1 Poc2 Sea1* Str2 Sty1 Wis4Standard Cpn4. Wis4. Half Standard Sty1

Claire Rayner (Macpandem a.k.a. Pandemonium) (1988) (m) 8/4 F Jon2.

Clair Matin (1960) (s/c) 10 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Clair Renaissance see: Liliana

Claret (Frykristal a.k.a. Happy Christmas) (2006) (h) 15 k Apu2 Ayl1 Bnt3 Cgr1 Coc3 Cur2 Fry2 Gdy3 Hdy1 Jon2 Rum2  Standard Fry2* Rum2. Half Standard Rum2.

Clarence House (Clarenechouse) (2006) (c) 2 p Ayl1 Bls1 Wha4.

Claude Monet (Jacdesa) (1992) (h) 3/8/15 k Bls1 Sty1

Claude Monet Climbing (Delstrirocrem) (2017) (c) 10+2+3 G Bls1 Sea1* Sty2

Claus Dalby see: Serenity

Clear Cover (Poulte013 a.k.a. Athens Cover) (2017) (gc) 3 G Wht1.

Clementina Carbonlerl (1913) (s) 5 k Bls1 Wht1.

Clementine see: Janet’s Pride.

Cleopatra (Korverpea) (1955) (h) 14/3 v Ay11

Cliff Richard (1993) (f) 10 G Bay2 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Psn2 Rog2 Sty1

Clifton Moss see: White Bath

Clodagh McGredy (Macswanie) (2001) (f) 7 p Jon2.

Cloth of Gold (a.k.a. Chromatella) (1843) (c/N) 4 k Aus2 Bls1.

Cloud Nine (Fryextra) (2004) (h) 10 k Fry2 Rum2.

Clytemnesta (1915) (HM) 2 k Bls1.

Cocktail (1958) (s/c) 13/3 v Bls1.

Coconut Ice (?) (f) 10/1 k Cra1 Hpn1 Rum2.

Cocorico see: Birthday Girl

Coeur d’Amour see: Red Devil

Colby School (2006) (f) 12 k Bls1.

Colchester Beauty (Cansend) (1989) (f) 10 p Can1. Standard & Half Standard Can1.

Colonial White see: Sombreuil.

Colorific (Wekplalajaro) (2011) (f) 12+8 v Jon2.

Columbian Climber (1916) 10 p Bls1 Rog2 Wht1.

Commandant Beaurepaire (1874) (b) 10/13 k Aus2 Bls1 Rog2 Wht1.

Common Blush China see: Old Blush China

Common Moss (a.k.a. Communis, Old Pink Moss) (P1700) (M) 10 k Aus2 Bls1 Dal3 Str2 Wht1.

Common Sweet Briar see: Rubignosa.

Commonwealth Glory (Harclue a.k.a. Bérénice) (1998) (h) 2 k Har1.

Compassion (a.k.a. Belle de Londres) (1973) (c) 11 k Apu2 Aus2 Ayl1 Bay2 Bls1 Bnt3 Can1 Cgr1 Coc3 Cpn4 Cra1 Crc2 Cur2 Dal3 Fry2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Har1 Hdy1 Hpn1 Jon2 Lay2 Poc2 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Sty1 Wha4 Wht1 Wis4.

Compassionate Friend see: The Compassionate Friend

Complicata (a.k.a. Rosa Gallica Complicata) (date unknown) (ga) 10 F Apu2 Aus2 Bls1 Coc3 Crc2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Poc2 Rog2 Wht1

Comte de Chambord see Note 11 Page 48 which concerns this rose and Mdm Knorr (1863) (P) 11 p Apu2 Aus2 Ay11 Bls1 Bnt3 Can1 Cgr1 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Poc2 Rog2 Rum2 Str2 Wha4 Wht1 Wis4.

Comtes de Champagne (Ausufo a.k.a Coniston) (2002) (e) 4 p Aus2.

Comtesse Cécile de Chabrillant (1858) (HP) 10 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Comtesse de Labarthe see: Duchesse de Brabant

Comtesse de Murinais see: White Moss.

Comtesse du Cayla (1902) (CH) 12 k Aus2 Bls1.

Comtesse O’Gorman (1888) (HP) 15 v Bls1.

Comtesse Ouwaroff see: Duchesse de Brabant

Comtesse Vandal (1931) (h) 11 k Bls1.

Concert see: Calypso

Conditorum see: Rosa Gallica Conditurum.

Congratulations (Korlift a.k.a. Sylvia) (1979) (h/f) 10 v Apu2 Aus2 Bnt3 Can1 Cgr1 Coc3 Cra1 Cur2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Jon2 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Str2 Wis4.

Coniston see: Comtes de Champagne

Connie Crook see: My Daddy

Conrad Ferdinand Meyer (1898) (r) 9 p Bls1 Cpn4 Rog2 Rum2.

Conservation (Cocdimple) (1988) (p) 7+11 k Apu2 Cpn4 Cur2  Psn2 Rum2. Miniature Standard Cpn4.

Constance Finn see: Elizabeth Finn

Constance Spry (Ausfirst; Austance) (1968) (s/e/c) 10 k Aus2 Ayl1 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Crc2 Cur2 Dal3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Jon2 Poc2 Rog2 Rum2 Str2 Wht1

Continued Friendship (Harpal a.k.a. Yours in Continued Friendship) (2005) (s) 3 k Har1.

Cooper’s Burmese (a.k.a. Cherokee Rose, Rosa Cooperi, Rosa Laevigate ‘Cooperi’ – related to Rosa Gigantea see note 7 page 48) (1927) (s) 1 k Aus2 Bls1 Sea1* Wht1.

Copenhagen (1964) (s/c) 14 k Bls1.

Copper Delight(1956) (f) 8 k Rog2.

Copper Lights (Scmhigh) (2014) (h) 7 v Sty1

Coral Cluster (1920) (pl) 12 v Aus2

Coral Dawn (1952) (c) 12 k Bls1.

Coral Flower Carpet (Noala a.k.a. Alfabia) (2002) (gc) 9 F Ayl1 Bls1 Cgr1 Coc3 Fry2* Gdy3 Gfn4 Rog2 Sea1* Str2 Wha4.

Coral Gem (Simplan) (2014) (f) 8 k Sty1

Coralie (Damask) (1848) (D) 9 k Bls1.

Coralin (1955) (m) 12 F Cpn4 Dal3

Coral Reef (Cocdarlee) (1986) (p) 12 v Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4.

Coral Sea see: Open Arms

Coral Sweet Dream (Fryrader) (2012) (p) 7 k Fry2.

Cordelia (Ausbottle) (2001) (e) 10 k Aus2.

Cornelia (1925) (HM) 11 k Aus2 Ay11 Bls1 Coc3 Cpn4 Cra1 Crc2 Cur2 Dal3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Jon2 Poc2  Rog2 Rum2 Str2 Wha4 Wht1

Coronation see: Peace Keeping

Coronation Street (Wekswetrup a.k.a. Mary Adrienne) (2001) (f) 13 v Jon2.

Corvedale (Ausnetting) (2002) (e) 9 k Aus2.

Corylus (a.k.a. Hazel Le Rougetel) (1988) (s/gc) 11 v Bls1.

Cosmopolitan (Simgrid) (2014) (h) 7+10 p Sty1

Cottage Maid see: Centifolia Variegate.

Countess Bertha see: Duchesse de Brabant

Country Music (1973) (s) 13 G Rog2.

Countess of Oxford (1869) (HP) 13 k Bls1.

Countess of Wessex (Beacream) (2005) (s) 2 p Bls1 Wha4.

Country Cottage see: City Girl

Country Darby see; Abraham Darby

Country Heritage see: Our Jubilee.

Country Lass see: Oxfordshire

Country Touch see: Berkshire

County of Cheshire (Korkonopi) (2001) (gc) 9 v Aus2 Cgr1 Cra1 Crc2 Poc2 Psn2.

County of Hampshire (Korverlandus a.k.a Hot Pink Balconia;Knirps; Little Chap) (1997) (gc) 13 v Cra1 Crc2 Poc2.

County of Staffordshire (Korsoalgu a.k.a. Amber Sun) (2007) (gc) 5 G Jon2.

County of Yorkshire (Korstarnow a.k.a. Innocencia) (2004) (gc) 1 v Bls1 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Sty1 Standard Hdy1.

Coupe d’Hébé (1840) (s) 9 p Aus2

Courage (Poulduff The Roy Castle Rose) (1997) (h) 14 v Can1.

Covent Garden see: Cream Abundance

Cramoisi Picoté (1834) (ga) 13 k Aus2.

Cramoisie Supérieur (1832) (CH) 13 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1. Climbing Bls1.

Crazy Fashion (Nirpcrazyht) (2012) (h) 13 G Ayl1.

Crazy For You (Wekroalt a.k.a Fourth of July) (1999) (f) 8/13/2 p Bls1 Cgr1 Coc3 Dal3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Jon2 Rog2 Sty1 Standard Cpn4.

Crazy Love see: La Villa Cotta

Cream Abundance (Harflax a.k.a. Covent Garden) (1999) (s/f) 2 k Apu2 Cra1 Har1 Rum2 Sea1* Str2.

Cream Castle see Perfect Day

Cream Cracker (Dicorigin) (2016) (f) 1 k Dic2.

Cream Dream (Koromtar) (1997) (p) 2 G Ayl1 Rog2.

Cream of The Crop (2010) (p) 1 G Cgr1.

Creamsicle (Koromtar) (2009) (m) 5 F Rog2.

Cream Timeless see: Timeless Cream

Crème de la Crème (Gancre) (1998) (c) 2/1 k Apu2 Aus2 Ayl1 Bls1 Bnt3 Can1 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Cgr1 Hdy1 Jon2 Lay2 Poc2 Sea1Sty1 Wht1 Wis4.

Crépuscule (1904) (N/c) 5 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Crested Moss (a.k.a. Chapeau de Napoleon, Crestata, Rosa Centifolia Cristata, Crested Province Rose) (1828) (M) 10 k Aus2 Bls1 Cra1 Rog2 Rum2 Str2 Wht1

Cricri (Meicri) (1958) (m) 12 F Aus2.

Crimson Boursault see: Amadis.

Crimson Cascade (Fryclimbdown) (1991) (c) 13 v Apu2 Ayl1 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Fry2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Poc2 Sty1 Wha4 Wis4.

Crimson Descant (1972) (c) 14 F Can1.

Crimson Glory (1935) (h) 15 p Bls1. Climbing (1946) Aus2 Bls1 Rog2 Sea1* Wht1.

Crimson Shower (1951) (c) 14 v Aus2 Rog2 Wht1.

Crimson Sweet Dream (Frynogo a.k.a. Sweet Dream Crimson) (2011) (p) 15 k Can1 Cra1 Crc2 Cur2 Fry2 Poc2 Rum2 Sty1 Wis4. Half & Quarter Standard Sty1 Patio Standard Can1 Rum2.

Cristata see: Crested Moss.

Crocus Rose (Ausquest syn Emanuel) (2000) (e) 6 k Str2

Crown Princess Margareta (Auswinter) (1999) (e/c) 6 p Aus2 Ayl1 Cra1 Hdy1 Jon2 Str2 Sty1

Crystal Palace (Poulrek) (1995) (p/f) 2+6 k Psn2.

Cuisse de Nymphe see: Maiden’s Blush Great.

Cumberland (Harnext) (2012) (c) 14 v Cur2 Dal3 Har1 Wht1.

Cupid (1915) (c) 9 F Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Curiosity (Cocty) (1971) (h) 14/3 v Bay2.

Climbing Curiosity see: Beat Wishes

Cutie (Tan98145 a.k.a Honeymilk) (2006) (p) 2 v Crc2 Poc2 Sty1

Cydi Party see: My Angel

Cynthia Brooke (1943) (h) 5 k Bls1.