Dacapo see: Merengue

Dad’s Delight a.k.a. The Coventry Cathedral (2016) (f) 7 k Buy this from Sty1

D’Aguesseau (1836) (ga) 13 k Aus2 Wht1.

Daily Mail see: Mdm. E. Herriot.

Dainty Bess (1927) (h/s) 9 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Dame de Coeur (a.k.a. Queen of Hearts) (1958) (h) 15 k Cpn4.

Dame Judi Dench (Ausquaker) (2017) (e) 6 k Aus2 Ayl1 Cra1 Jon2 Buy this from Sty1.

Dame Wendy (Canson) (1991) (f) 10 v Aus2.

Danaë (1931) (HM) 2 k Aus2 Bls1 Rog2 Wht1.

Dancing Flame (Tucflame) (2001) (m) 6 F Rog2.

Dancing In The Dark see Hommage à Barbara

Dancing Pink (Hendan) (1993) (f) 13 k Rog2.

Dancing Queen (Fryfestoon) (2005) (c) 10 k GSR Apu2 Bls1 Bnt3 Buy this from Can1 Cgr1 Coc3 Crc2 Cur2 Fry2 Gdy3 Hpn1 Lay2 Poc2 Sea1*. Wha4

Dancing Sunset (Guesunusual) (2010 UK 2014) (c) 5/5 p Buy this from Sty1

Daniel (Webwhite) (2012 UK 2014) (h)1/9 p Buy this from Sty1

Danny Boy (Dicxcon) (2001) (p) 8+17 F Dic2 Cgr1 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Jon2.

Danse du Feu (a.k.a. Spectacular) (1953) (c) k Apu2 Aus2 Bls1 Coc3 Cpn4 Cra1 Crc2 Cur2 Dal3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Jon2 Poc2 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Wha4 Wht1 Wis4.

Daphne (1912) (ga) 10 p Bls1.

Dapple Dawn (Ausapple) (1983) (s) 9 F Aus2.

Darcey Bussell (Ausdecorum) (2007) (e) 15 p Aus2 Ayl1 Buy this from Can1 Cra1 Hpn1 Jon2 Lay2 Str2 Buy this from Sty1  Standard Ayl1 Hpn1. Buy this from Sty1

Darius (1827) (ga) 14 k Rog2.

Darling Flame (Meillucca) (1971) (m) 8 v Miniature Standard Cpn4.

Darling Jenny (1996) (h) 14/4 v Cgr1 Rog2.

David’s Rose (2018) (h) Cgr1

David’s Star (Hordadstar) (2005) (h/f) 2 v Cgr1 Rog2.

Dawn Chorus (Dicquasar) (1993) (h) 8 k ROTY 1993 Apu2 Ayl1 Bay2 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Cpn4 Dal3 Gdy3 Hdy1 Hpn1 Psn2 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Wis4Standard Cpn4 Rum2 Str2.

Daybreak (1918) (HM) 3 p Aus2 Rog2 Wht1.

Dear Dad (Smi87-02) (2017) (h) 12+3/2+12 v Buy this from Sty1

Dear Daughter (20??) (f) 13 v Buy this from Sty1 Half Standard Buy this from Sty1

Dearest (1960) (f) 12 k Cgr1 Coc3 Cpn4 Dal3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2.

Dear Sister see: Heart’s Delight

Debbie Phillips Rose (Harverve) (2015) (h) 3 k Crc2 Har1 Poc2.

Debbie Thomas (1996) (h) 14 k Rog2.

Debonnaire see: Pink Professor

Deb’s Delight (Legsweet) (1983) (f) 11 k Jon2

Debutante (s/c) (1904) 13 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Deep Secret (1979) (h) 15 p Apu2 Ayl1 Bay2 Bls1 Bnt3 Buy this from Can1 Coc3 Cpn4 Cra1 Crc2 Dal3 Fry2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Hpn1 Jon2 Lay2 Poc2 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Sea1Buy this from Sty1 Wha4 Wis4Standard Buy this from Can1 Coc3 Cpn4 Dal3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hdy1 Jon2 Psn2 Rum2 Buy this from Sty1 Half Standard Buy this from Can1 Dal3 Hdy1 Buy this from Sty1

Deep Impression see: Durrell Rose

Delambre (1863) (P) 13 p Aus2.

Delightful (Curspoglo) (MC) 10 k Buy this from Can1 Cgr1 Cur2 Gfn4 Jon2 Buy this from Sty1

Delightful Parfuma (2020) Crc2 Poc2.

Della Balfour (Harblend a.k.a. Desert Glow; Royal Pageant) (1994) (c) 2/8 v Apu2 Bls1 Cra1 Crc2 Har1 Poc2 Sea1*

De Maitre d’Ecole (a.k.a Rose de Maitre d’Ecole. Also listed as Du Maitre E’cole but this is not correct) (1831) (ga) 11 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

De Meaux see: Rose de Meaux.

Demon see: Bonica

Dentelle De Malines (Lens Pink) (1986) (s) 10 F Aus2.

Desdemona (Auskindling) (2015) (e) 1 p Aus2 Ayl1 Can1 Cra1 Lay2 Standard Aus2.

Desprez a Fleurs Jaunes see: Jaunes Desprez.

Desert Glow see: Della Balfour

Desert Island (Dicfizz) (2006) (f) 2 k Bls1.

De Rescht see: Rose de Rescht.

Designer Sunset (2003) (p) 10+8+3 v Ayl1 Wha4 Wis4. Patio Standard Bls1 Fry2* Wha4 Wis4.

Destiny’s Dream (2006 int 2012?) (c)3 G Hdy1.

Devoniensis Climbing (a.k.a. Magnolia Rose) (1838) 2 k Bls1 Wht1. (Dewtifle) (f) Rog2. The selling name was unkown at time of going to print

Diamant see Diamond

Diamond (Korgazell a.k.a Diamant) (2002) (p) 1 F Apu2 Bay2 Cgr1 Cur2 Jon2 Rum2.

Diamond Days (Hartribe) (2012) (h) 2 p Ayl1 Bnt3 Cgr1 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Cur2 Gdy3 Har1 Lay2 Poc2 Buy this from Sty1 Wha4. Half Standard Buy this from Sty1

Diamond Days Forever (Fryjess) (2007) (f) 1 G Apu2 Ayl1 Buy this from Can1 Cgr1 Cra1 Fry2 Standard Wha4.

Diamond Eyes (Wekwibypur) (2013) (m/p) 16 v Buy this from Can1 Cgr1 Coc3 Crc2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Jon2 Poc2 Buy this from Sty1 Wis4. Half Standard Buy this from Sty1 Patio Standard Buy this from Can1.

Diamond Jubilee (Boerner) (1947) (h) 5 k Ayl1 Bls1 Coc3 Cur2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Hpn1

Diamond Jubilee (Tan02226 a.k.a. Alabaster) (1998) (f) 1 v Cur2 Rog2.

Diamond Wedding see: White Parfum de Provence

Diamond Wedding (Raw1150) (2018) (f) 2 + 3 k Buy this from Sty1 Half Standard Buy this from Sty1

Diamond Wishes see: Misty Hit

Diana Boyd (Dicgalaxy) (2020) (s) 12 k Dic2.

Dick Clark (Wekfunk) (2011) 2+13 k Jon2.

Dick’s Delight (Dicwhistle) (1999) (p/gc) 10 v Cra1 Crc2 Poc2.

Dickson’s Jubilee see: Lovely Lady

Dicky see: Anisley Dickson

Dienie Stewart (Dicpraise) (2015) (f) 9 v Dic2.

Die Welt (Diekor; Kordie a.k.a The World) (1976) (h) 5 v Rog2.

Dinky (Velheave) (2002) (HM) 15 k Bls1.

Dioressence (Deldiore) (1994) (f) 16G Buy this from Sty1

Disco Queen (Tan08171) (2014) (f/p) 8 v Crc2 Poc2.

Dixieland Linda (Beadix) (1997) (c) 7 p Ayl1 Bls1 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Wha4.

Dizzy Heights (Fryblissful) (2000) (c) 8 k GRS Apu2 Aus2 Bnt3 Cgr1 Coc3 Cpn4 Cra1 Cur2 Fry2 Gdy3 Hdy1 Rum2 Sea1* Wis4.

Dog Rose see: Rosa Canina

Dogwood (2011) (s) 1/12 G Rog2.

Dolca Vita (Delcentoran; Deldal a.k.a. Niagara Pride) (UK 2016) (f/s) 7 G Jon2 Buy this from Sty1

Donald Prior (1938) (f) 14 k Bls1.

Dona Martin (Nardona) (2011) (h) 3 G Rog2.

Donatelloa (Meikerira) (2016) (h) 9 k Ayl1 Bls1 Wha4.

Doreen (1951) (h) 5+8 k Rog2.

Doris Day (Wekmajuchi) (2014) (f) 4 v Jon2.

Doris Morgan (Brimorgan; Brigdoris) (2001) (mf) 10 v Rog2.

Doris Tysterman (1975) (h) 8 v Aus2 Bay2 Bls1 Cpn4 Cur2 Dal3 Hdy1 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Wis4Standard Cpn4.

Dorothy (Cocrocket) (2005) (f) 7 v Bnt3 Cgr1 Coc3 Cra1 Gdy3.

Dorothy House Rose (2010) (Frynifi) (f) 9 G Fry2.

Dorothy Perkins (1901) (c) 10 k Apu2 Aus2 Bls1 Bnt3 Coc3 Cpn4 Cur2 Gdy3 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Wht1. Weeping Standard Cpn4 Rum2.

Dortmund (1995) (c/s) 14 k Aus2 Bls1 Cur2 Hdy1 Psn2 Wht1

Double Blush Burnet see: Rosa Spinosissima Double Blush

Double Delight (Andeli) (1977) (h) 13/2 p Ayl1 Bls1 Cgr1 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Har1 Hpn1 Jon2 Lay2 Poc2 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Buy this from Sty1

Double Gold (Savadouble) (1996/2003) (mf) 3/4 p Rog2.

Double Knockout (Radtko) (2004) (gc) 9 G Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4.

Double Scotch White see: Rosa Spinosissima Double White

Double White see: Rosa Spinosissima Double White.

Dover (Poulcas049) (2017) (f) 8 v Bay2.

Draga (2020) (f) 15 k Wht1.

Dr. Dick (Cocbaden) (1985) (h) 8+12 k Rog2.

Dr. Eckener (1930) (r) 11 k Bls1.

Dr. John Dickman (Briman) (2001) (mf) 16+15/16 F Rog2.

Dr. M. J. Grill (1886) (s) 11 k Bls1.

Dr. Jo (Fryatlanta) (2000) (f) 6+8 k Fry2.

Dr. Tommy Cairns (Benwales) (2012) (m)11 G Rog2.

Dr. Troy Garret (Weltroy) (2008 UK 2014) (mf) 15/14 k Rog2.

Dr. W. Van Fleet (1910) (c) 9 k Aus2 Bls1.

Dream Flight see The Grace Land

Dreaming Spires (1973) (c)4 k Bay2 Coc3 Cur2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Psn2.

Dream Lover (Peayetti) (1998) (p) 16+10 k Cra1 Crc2 Coc3 Gdy3 Gfn4 Jon2 Poc2 Buy this from Sty1

Dresden China see: Sophies Perpetual

Dresden Doll (1925) (m) 9 k Bls1.

Drummer Boy (Harvacity) (1987) (f) 14 v Cpn4.

Dublin Bay (Macdub) (1975) (c) 15 k Apu2 Ayl1 Bls1 Bnt3 Buy this from Can1 Cgr1 Coc3 Cpn4 Cra1 Crc2 Cur2 Fry2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Har1 Hdy1 Hpn1 Jon2 Lay2 Poc2 Psn2 Rog2 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Wha4 Wht1 Wis4.

Duc de Fitzjames (1835) (ga) 13 p Bls1.

Duc de Guiche (1821) (ga) 15 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Ducher (1869) (Ch) 1 v Wht1.

Duchesse d’Angoulême (1835) (ga) 9 k Aus2 Bls1 Rog2 Wht1.

Duchesse d’Auerstädt (1888) (c/N) 5 k Bls1.

Duchesse de Brabant (a.k.a Comtess de Labarthe; Comtesse Ouwaroff; Countess Bertha) (1857) (h) 10 p Bls1.

Duchesse de Buccleugh (1837) (ga) 13 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Duchess de Berry (Ga) (C1820) (ga) 9 v Rog2.

Duchesse de Montebello (1825) (ga) 9 k Aus2 Bls1 Wht1.

Duchesse de Verneuil (1856) (M) 12 k Aus2.

Duchess of Cornwall (Tan97159 a.k.a. Chippendale; Music Hall; The Duchess of Cornwall) (2006) (h) 12 v Apu2 Ayl1 Bls1 Bnt3 Buy this from Can1 Cgr1 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Fry2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Poc2 Rog2 Rum2 Sea1* Str2 Buy this from Sty1 Wht1 Wis4. Standard Rum2 Wis4. Half Standard Coc2 Poc2 Rum2.

Duchess of Devonshire (Tan08973) (2018) (h) 15 G Fry2.

Duchess of Portland see: Portland Rose.

Duchess of York see: Sunseeker.

Duke Meillandina see: Duke Sunblaze

Duke of Edinburgh (1868) (HP) 8 k Aus2 Bls1.

Duke of Edinburgh Award see: The Gold Award Rose

Duke of Wellington (1864) (HP) 15 p Bls1 Wht1.

Duke of Windsor (1969) (h) 8 p Cpn4.

Duke Sunblaze (Meipinjid a.k.a. Duke Meillandina) (1985) (m) 13 v Cpn4.

Du Maitre E’cole see De Maitre E’Cole

Dundee Rambler (1838) (c) 1 v Aus2.

Dunham Massey (Beajelly) (2013) (s) 10 k Ayl1 Bls1 Cur2 Fry2 Wha4.

Dunwich Rose (1956) (s) 2 F Aus2 Bls1 Jon2 Rog2 Wht1.

Dupontii (a.k.a. Rosa Dupontii) (1817) (s) 1 v Aus2 Bls1  Wht1.

Dupuy Jamain (1868) (HP) 13 F Bls1.

Durrell Rose (Tan002876 a.k.a. Deep Impression) (2008) (f) 13/11/1 v Rum2

Dusky Maiden (1948) (f) 15 k Aus2 Bls1 Coc3 Cra1 Crc2 Gdy3 Gfn4 Poc2 Wht1

Dutch Gold (1978) (h) 4 k Aus2 Coc3 Cpn4 Gdy3 Gfn4 Psn2 Rog2 Wht1 Wis4. Standard Cpn4 Wis4.

Dwarf Fairy (Korweenu; Korfee) (2010 UK 2014) (m/p) 8 v Wha4.

Dwarf Icing (?) (p) Dal3.

Dylan Rees see Splash

Dynamic Duo (Fryvogue) (2015) 13/1 (f) G Buy this from Can1 Cgr1 Cur2. Standard Cur2.